(Ne)funkcioniranje igara

Citirat ću post napisan na Trkeljanju, da ne pišem imena dvaput. Nema smisla… Novi naslovi: 1. Cute Memo 2. Monster Blocks 3. Snake 3310 HTML5 4. Bubble Shooter HD 5. Sudoku HTML5 6. Space Miner 7. Minigolf Kingdom 8. PopUp 9. Deadly Race Droid 10. X O Tic Tac...

Cute Memo

Train your brain with the cutest Memory game you can find. You’ll match cuddly bunnies and little chicklets and many more lovely animals. Get ready that your brain’s memory will be challenged on dynamic levels from various cute animal images. There’s...

Monster Blocks

Monster Blocks is a mix between all these puzzle games. You control falling blocks almost in the same way as in Tetris, but your task is not to fill rows. Instead, as in Bejeweled, you have to connect 3 or more blocks of the same color to complete a match.

Snake 3310 HTML5

Snake 3310 HTML5 is a tribute to the original Snake for Nokia 3310. Do you remember all the hours wasted on your Nokia 3310 playing it? Now you can play again the classic Snake game in HTML5!

Bubble Shooter HD

Have a great time playing Bubble Shooter HD, the brand new HTML5 version of Bubble Shooter! This Bubble Shooter game is very intuitive and easy to learn. It’s a mix between “Tetris”, “Connect Four” and “Puzzle Bubble”,...